How To Defrag Your Pc Quickly And Easily

If your computer is running slow it may seem like a good idea to defrag your computers drive. But maybe you were told that it needed to be done by someone else, and you don’t know what it means. That’s okay.

Basically, when you defrag your computers hard drive, your computer moves files around so they are easier to access. Because the files are easier to access it makes the computer quicker to find them and use them. Think of it this way. Lets say I had a list of 1000 names for guests at a party of mine. I had to have someone check someones name to see if it is on the list. However, all the guest names are in random order. It’d be much quicker for me to move all the names around until they’re in alphabetical order, so when the time comes that I need those names I’ll be able to find them much faster.

So now that you hopefully understand the importance of defragging and what it does, I can show you how it’s done. It’s very simple actually. 

Start off by clicking the Start button. If you are unfamiliar with the Start button that’s okay, it looks like a windows icon. In older operating systems it will say Start on it. It’s usually found on the bottom left corner of your screen.

In the search box, type defrag. You should see two options pop up, one that says defrag, another that says Disk Defragmenter. Ignore the one that simply says defrag, it is of no use to you unless you are in a specific situation.

Click Disk Defragmenter. Then simply click Defragment Disk, and it will start. The time it takes to defrag depends on how long it’s been since you’ve last defragged, and how many files you have on your computer. It could easily take over 24 hours if you’ve never done it before.

Be careful not to mess around with your computer too much while it is defragging. I’ll go back to my reference earlier with the names. Messing around with files while the computer is trying to defrag is like trying to add additional names to the list while they are being sorted. It is annoying to the computer and it will take longer for the defragging to complete.Just let it run, and when its done, you will notice a difference, especially if you haven’t defragged in a long time.

So, how often should I defrag?

Ideally, it is good to defrag around once a month to have your computer run at the maximum speed possible. Anything more then that, and you are wasting your time, and potentially damaging your hard drive.



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