The Dementor Effect

Unless you haven’t read or seen any of the Harry Potter series, then you know what a dementor is. If not, a dementor is a creature who takes people souls.

And that is how I feel about Call of Duty. Im not saying that they are bad games. I own half of them, and play them all the time. But everytime I look at the clock, I think ‘wow. Its been that long?!’ It steals my time like you wouldn’t believe. I can’t get my work done. My dad is always yelling at me. But that’s how Activision gets you to buy their games.

Battlefield, for example. Sure, the games alright. But the reason the game doesn’t sell like CoD( besides the fact that the series was designed to take CoD down) is that it doesn’t have the appeal that CoD does. I can sit down and plan to play for one match of Moodern Warfare 2, and next thing I know, I have been playing for two hours. I hate it, but at the same time I can’t get enough. With Battlefield, I just don’t get sucked into it like that. Also, I was talking with some friends, and we started to have an battlefield versus CoD war. Which I don’t think makes much sense. I mean, if you like the game, you like the game. Don’t hate the other company because they said something against the other. However, that’s not why I don’t like Battlefield.

Another big fight is Xbox vs. Ps3 Personally, Xbox is better. Sure, Ps3 has a blue ray player, but really, that’s all its good for. There are no dedicated servers like there are on the Xbox. Plus, the Xbox has Halo, which is right up there with Call of Duty. But that depends on what kind of games you like. If you are more into single player campaign type games, then I strongly recommend the Ps3. But if you like the rush of multiplayer, then Xbox is the best. Without my Xbox…. Boy I would be in trouble. As much as I hate to say it, CoD has taken my life and soul; hence the dementor effect. But I want to hear what you guys think. Send me an email through the link below, telling me which systems/games you like or don’t like. Also, I’ve been reading up on future technology, and all I can say is wow. We are coming up to the days in the movies. The old sci-fi movies, like AI. The reason I am writing this? To warn you, and save your soul from the evil dementors that is the CoD series.

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