How To Set Up Your Room For Video Gaming


When I got my first game console, I was five years old. I played on my bed and a tiny 20 inch television. Now that I’m older, I’ve invested much more money into one of my favorite past times, video gaming. These small things I’ve done made the experience of playing video games much more enjoyable, and doing the following will make your experience more enjoyable too.

Make Your Gaming Room Comfortable

A lot of this comes down to what furniture is available to you. If you sit far away from your television, a comfortable couch is a common choice. If you spend lots of hours in front of the television playing video games, you may even decide to spend your money on a great gaming chair designed for long periods of comfortable use. If you play on a computer, a comfortable chair with an arm rest is ideal.

In order to be comfortable, the temperature has to be acceptable as well. Heat can be an issue when playing for a long time, especially on the PC, where a lot of heat can be generated. Having good ventilation in you room keeps the air from becoming hot and stagnant. A fan and a heater will help keep you comfortable when gaming for long periods of time.

Set Up Your Speakers Properly

10 years ago it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but today’s games are designed to fit your speaker system. You will want to position your speakers correctly, as most modern games will use surround sound to try and immerse you into the game. When I first set up my speakers, I did it wrong. And it didn’t really make much sense when in a game, a person is speaking right in front of you, but the sound is coming from the back left side of you. Having your speakers set up appropriately in your room will make the games seem much more realistic and the experience will always be better. I have my Logitech Z506 Speakers set up for perfect surround sound in my room, and they sound wonderful.

Prevent Light From Coming Into Your Gaming Room

One of the most annoying things when playing video games is having to deal with glare from light on your screen. Not only can it hurt your eyes, it makes the game a lot harder to enjoy. Luckily, there is an easy way to fix this. Simply putting a dark blanket over your windows will block the majority of light coming into your room, and will prevent all glare on your screen. It also helps create a more intense atmosphere for gaming. Some things are just meant to be better in the dark. When’s the last time  you’ve seen a nightclub with all of its lights turned on?

If you do need light, a stand up lamp works best. It’s not too bright, and you can point it wherever you want to. Some lamps are also able to be dimmed, so you can have exactly the amount of light you want.

Have Other Necessities Nearby

Some people like myself, when gaming, really get into it. They don’t want to get up and stop playing to go get a drink of water, or to get a quick snack. Having a designated space of your room to keep these things helps, especially if it’s within arms reach. Ideally there would also be a bathroom next to your gaming room, but not all people are that lucky.

How do you have your gaming room set up? Would you like to see your gaming room featured on the website? Send me an email at if you’re interested.

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