A Timeline Of Nintendo Game Consoles

 1980-1991 – Game And Watch

Nintendo’s first major portable game system  was a huge hit. Nearly 60 games were made for the system, including some which developed into popular game series still around today such as The Legend Of Zelda, Mario, and Donkey Kong. Some games included already popular characters such as Micky Mouse, which helped contribute to the consoles success. The Game And Watch became one of Nintendo’s most popular products throughout the 80’s.

1983 – Nintendo Entertainment System

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) revolutionized gaming and the history of Nintendo, becoming Nintendo’s second highest selling system at the time, selling nearly 62 million units. It was the first system to feature interchangeable cartridges, and was the baseline for many modern Nintendo series’ still being produced today. It was also the baseline for third party developers developing games for a console as they do today.


 1989 – Game Boy

Nintendo’s first portable game system in the Game Boy line because a huge success. Combined with the Game Boy Color which was later released in 1998, the two systems together have sold over 118.5 million units. The system combined features from the NES and the Game And Watch. The system had new features such as a headphone jack, and a port that allowed two Game Boys to be connected together providing the two systems were both playing the same game.
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