A Timeline Of Nintendo Game Consoles

Nintendo has had a huge influence on video games today, and a huge influence on how video games have been developed throughout history. Transforming from a small playing card company, Nintendo is now one of the biggest video game competitors on the modern market. In this article we will walk through Nintendo’s history, from Nintendo’s Colour TV Game  to their soon-to-be-released Wii U.

 1977 –  Nintendo Color TV Game 6

First being released in 1977, it was Nintendo’s first major console to be released to the public. The system had six games, all of them variations of Pong. For example, one version of the the game had obstacles. Up to two people could play the game at the time, hence the two joystick like knobs that you can see on the system. The system sold over 1 million units in Japan, each sale actually yielding  a negative profit. The cost of development was more than what the system could be sold for. However, the system gained Nintendo publicity, setting them up to release future systems which would start making them money. A white version of the Color Tv Game 6 was released, but very few of them were released. Being one of the rarest video game systems out, they are very well desired by Nintendo and video game system collectors.


 1978 –  Color Tv Game 15

Released in 1978, the Nintendo Color TV Game 15 contained 9 more versions of Pong. The most significant gameplay improvement over the system’s predecesor is the fact that it contained controllers that detached from the base of the console, as seen in the picture above.  Like the CTG 6, it sold over a million units, and a second, lighter tinted one was released. The lighter tinted system is valued above the darker by collectors.


 1978 – Color Tv Racing 112

Unlike the previous two Color TV series systems, the Color Tv Racing 112 features a sky-view racing game in which you dodge traffic rather than a Pong like game. The single player was controlled with the built in steering wheel and gear shift. The multiplayer however was played with the controllers attached to the system.

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