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7 iPad Tricks You Might Not Have Known

1. You can take a screenshot of your iPad by pressing the homebutton and then quickly the lock button. The screenshot will automatically be saved to your photos.

2. You can undo your last paste (when you copy and paste things) by shaking the iPad and then press the “Undo Paste” button.

3. You can go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility and set your iPad so pressing the home button three times quickly will make everything go to inverse colors.

4. You can hold a letter on a keyboard to see more options for it (for example, if you held down the “a” key, it would give you an option for “a” with all of the different accent variations)

5. In Safari or Mail, if you tap the top bar at the top of the page, it will automatically scroll up to the top.

6. While typing, if you tap the space bar twice quickly, it will put a period and then a space, which saves you some time if you are typing a lot of sentences.

7. When typing on the iPad 2, you can quickly type an apostrophe by clicking the comma key and flicking up.