How to Tint and Enhance Photos in Photoshop

If you don’t have a top of the line camera like some people, but you want to capture the great visual effects of any picture, then read on. Today we will be using the Photoshop¬†Photo Filters to change this dull picture-

-into this one. Even though the changes on this picture aren’t that extreme, you can actually see that it looks slightly more lively. With the Photo Filter you can go above and beyond past this picture.


First off, you’ll need to create a new file. Just go to File>New, then select all the preferences for your file. Then select your picture. You do this by simply copy and pasting it into your photoshop file. Now that we are ready to start, select the lasso tool or the magic wand tool on the left hand toolbar. Another way to get to the lasso is to simply press L while you are in photoshop.

When you have the tool ready, you can highlight the first part of your photo. If you are using lasso, drag it around the area you’d like to tint. If you are using the magic wand, then just double click the area of the photo. Next, select the photo adjustment layer, and then select the Photo Filter option.


After you select that, a box like this should pop up. You can use the drop down menu to select a filter, or you can use the color selection to just use a color. There is the density bar to play around with, and that can also give some nice effects.

Do the steps shown above with all the other parts with the photo, and after some practice you can change dull, boring photos into extremely nice ones!


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