Why Music Notation Software Should Become Standard In Schools

Exactly how involved are high-school and college students with technology these days? Although many teachers are reluctant to bring modern tech into their classrooms, many students are comfortable and even encourage it. We have entered an age where technology is a major part of each and every one of our lives, including those of us who are still in school. For those in music classes, I can say without a doubt that music notation software will improve your overall learning experience. Here are six reasons why music notation software is great.

Six Reasons Why Music Notation Software Is Great

1. It’s Free

Manuscript paper costs money. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s still money. Today we have free notation software such as NoteFlight which allows us to write out music for multiple instruments digitally, for no cost whatsoever.

2. It’s Neater

Try writing out a couple measures of notes on manuscript paper. Then try adding dynamics. Then articulation marks. Then key signature, time signature clef, tempo indicator, and other symbols. It gets cluttered and hard to read, especailly if the music you’re playing is fast paced. With music notation software, everything looks just like real sheet music.

3. It Saves Paper

Long songs can take up a ton of space on paper on one instrument, let alone multiple. Writing out your music digitally can save a lot of paper, which in turn, saves trees.

4. You Can Actually Listen To Your Music

Perhaps the biggest benefit in using notation software is that you can playback the music you’ve wrote. This is extremely helpful when writing songs, especially for multiple instruments. Unless you major in music theory, you’re likely to make some mistakes. Everyone does, after all we are humans.

4. It’s A Learning Experience

Believe it or not, becoming familiar with music notation software will teach you a ton about music theory, and how music works. Additionally, many music notation platforms offer tutorials bound with their software as well.

5. It’s Also A Social Experience

The majority of music notation software allows you to export a created song in playable file types, which you can share with the public and they can listen to. Browser based software typically has its own social network, allowing you to favorite or comment people’s songs. This alone is something that is extremely hard to do with manuscript paper and ink.

6. Because It’s A Social Experience, It’s A Teaching Experience

Since other people can view and playback the songs you’ve written and published, they can see visually why notes come together and make a certain sound. What each symbol actually does to change the feel of the music. By writing songs and allowing other people to view them, you’re helping people learn about music.


Now why exactly are schools still making students write out music on paper when we have all of this wonderful software available to us?


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