Website News

A lot of changes to have taken place the last month. Here’s a list of fixes and updates that have happened.


Fixed and moved three images that were not rendering correctly in the bottom righthand corner

Added a “Future Technology” and “Other” category.

Fixed linking with the “Security” category, now correctly says security in links instead of viruses.

Moved the blog from to

Setup 301 redirects from old posts to the new blog.

Set up a “Write For Us” page, if you want to write an article to appear on our blog.

Further anti-spam improvements.

Made articles easier to share via social media.

Changed iOS Devices category to include other mobile devices

Changed Programs category to programs and programming.




On top of this, if there is some important news I feel people need to know about it, I will post it. However, that won’t affect other articles I had planned for writing that day. ¬†Thanks everyone!

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