Upcoming Minecraft Beta 1.8

Many people who play Minecraft are waiting for the new update, deemed theĀ “Adventure Update”. It is called the adventure update because there is going to be a new mode called adventure mode, where I’m guessing you can play preset adventures implemented by Mojang. There are also going to be NPC villages, which will be Non-Player-Characters who build buildings and collect resources just like a normal minecraft player would. I think this will make single player a lot more fun because it will allow users to have a multiplayer experience in single player. They will also be implementing creative mode, where players will be able to create various things, as the title implies. Critical hits and sprinting will make combat much better in Minecraft. When you hit a mob, you will get a chance to hit extra damage and sprinting will let you get around quicker. Lastly, there will be more things to farm and maybe a new mob! I hope everyone feels the same way I do about this update!

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