Blog Posts Now Back To Regular Schedule

This previous week, I had finally finished building and testing a wonderful new work machine that I will use to write all my future articles. My laptop was having horrible heating issues (launching even simple programs raised the CPU temperature to 95 degrees C). I had taken a week off to make sure all the hardware was fully functional, and also to enjoy it a bit, but next week, a new era for will begin, I have discovered a new method for finding ideas for blog posts (which is honestly, my hardest decision) and plan on writing many, many, MANY articles, consistently, with a reserve of articles just in case something happens and I don’t have time to write.

Apologies also for all that have tried to email me in these past few weeks, for a while, I was having hosting problems, and recently when I sorted them out, as I mentioned, I was getting used to my new computer.  I will get back to checking my email multiple times a day to ensure that everybody gets a quick response, and I will try my hardest to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

I hope to see everyone back to read the great new articles I plan on putting out soon.

And for those who are wondering, here is a picture of my computer,


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  1. In a week’s time, you were able to quickly discover some new methods in giving solutions to your current problems. We don’t really mind as long as you come back with good news and updates along. Thanks for posting.

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