Top Ten Reasons People Hate Macs, And My Response To Them

Before I begin, I’d like to point out that I use both a MacBook Pro and a Windows desktop on a daily basis. I think it’s important that you understand that so you can accept my commentary seeing my point of view on this topic.


Seeing someone hating on a Mac computer is not uncommon these days. PC users come up with many different reasons why they would never want to own a Mac, although most of them have never even used one before. Why do people hate macs? I asked a lot of Mac haters why they dislike them, and here are the responses I got.

1. Mac Users Are Brainwashed

People that say this hate Apple more then they hate Mac computers specifically. They believe that Apple is an evil company and that the only reason they are successful is because they are great at working their ways into people’s minds, and convincing them to buy their “retarded” products. People like this think by refusing to buy Apple products, they are free from the “evil hands” of Apple and they feel good about themselves not buying in to Apple’s marketing plans.

Why It’s Wrong

If Apple is only a successful company because they are good at marketing, then why do Mac owners have such a high satisfaction rate? Mac computers typically get high ratings on computer selling websites, and if people didn’t like them, they wouldn’t get such high reviews.

 2. Mac Computers Don’t Have As Much Software

Another common reason people dislike Mac computers (are at least reluctant to buy one) is because people believe there is not as much software for Mac computers as there are for Windows computers. Again, this is not true. Mac OS X comes with tons of built in apps, and includes an App Store where you can purchase thousands of other ones.

Additionally, if there is a Windows program you want to run on your Mac, you can partition your hard drive and put a Windows operating system on it as well. So essentially, you can run all Mac apps and all Windows programs on your computer. So, which computer really has less software available?

3. Mac Computers Can’t Play Games

It’s true that there are a lost less downloadable games available for Mac OS X. That’s because Mac computers use a different programming language in their apps (Objective-C) then in Windows programs (Several languages). A lot of developers don’t like to rewrite their game in another language for Mac users because there is much less Mac users then there are PC users.

However, the majority of online games can be played on both operating systems, because they mostly are programmed in Flash and Java. Additionally, if you install Windows on your Mac you can play any game that a Windows computer can play. In the end, Mac computers aren’t any worse at gaming then Windows computers are.

4. Apple Lies! Macs Can Get Viruses

Apple even recommends themselves to install and use an antivirus on your Mac computer. It is true, Mac users can get a virus. However, it is much, much less likely to get a virus on a Mac computer. Click here to find out why. The truth is that ignorant Mac owners go around saying their computer can’t get a virus, which annoys the heck out of Windows users. The problem is that a lot of Windows users believe they are just as likely to get a virus on a Mac as they are on a Windows computer, so they don’t see the increased virus protection as a perk to buy one.

5. The “Mac Community” Won’t Shut Up

Now there are fanboys in every product field, but it seems that technology has a lot of them. Some Mac users love their computer so much they feel the need to go and bug everyone else about it. Of course, that annoys people, and makes them mad. They will refuse to buy a Mac computer simply because they don’t want to be like those annoying fanboys. The truth is, most Mac users don’t do this, yet the ones that do make all Mac users look bad.

6. Opening Up Your Computer Voids Your Warranty

Some people believe that opening up your Mac computer will void its warranty, and that Apple won’t repair it if you open it at all. It’s a false statement however. According to Apple’s policy, you are welcome to open up your computer and add parts to it. There are even tutorials for it on Apple’s website. However, if you break your computer while you have it opened up, they will not replace it. Which makes sense. If I opened up my computer and smashed my processor, should I expect Apple to replace it? No.

7. My Mac Failed Me

If someone buys a product and it turns out to not work (or not work as long as it should), it’s not unfair to assume that they would dislike the company and refuse to buy any more products it puts out. This especially applies to Apple, which the media fires up by claiming that Apple computers will last a considerably longer time before failing then Windows computers. What you need to understand though is that every company produced the occasional lemon, and some more then others. An extremely small percentage receive bad computers from Apple, and their customer satisfaction ratings are extremely high. When people are exposed to constant videos or stories about Mac computers not working, they are less likely to purchase one. Truth is, someone you know is more likely to get struck by lightning in your life time, then you are to be sold a faulty Mac. How many people do you know who have been struck by lightning?

8. Macs Are Not Customizable

This ties along well with number 6. People believe that you are not allowed to mess with any parts inside your Mac computer if you care about your warranty. Again, you are allowed to use any third party parts as long as you do not damage the computer in the process of installing them.

9. There Is No Right Clicking

Perhaps the most common rumor is that you can not right click on a Mac computer. Again, this rumor is false. In fact, there are numerous ways you can right click on a Mac computer. You can hold the control key while you click to right click, or if you are using a Mac computer with a trackpad, you can press down it with two fingers to right click. Additionally, you can buy a mouse with a right click button if either of the above options are not comfortable for you.

10. Mac Computers Are Overpriced

This is probably the only reason why some would be reluctant to buy a Mac computer, but it still isn’t a valid reason to hate them and its fanbase. Mac computers are much more expensive then a Windows computer with equivalent hardware. With the money you spend getting a Mac computer, you could spend that money to get a much more powerful Windows computer.

But there has to be a reason why Apple computers still sell, right? Otherwise, the company wouldn’t make any sales and Mac computers would he phased out.

But with that extra money you are spending, you are buying a computer with an operating system that may be more comfortable for the new computer user to use, and a more secure operating system which is immune to hundreds of thousands of viruses that can infect computers running Windows.

This makes it the ideal operating system for people who have large pockets, as well as those who aren’t technologically savvy such as the elderly and children.

Got any questions about Mac computers? Let me know by sending me an email at and I’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as I can. Additionally, feel free to check out my MacBook Pro review  to find out what I think about that. Thanks for reading.

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons People Hate Macs, And My Response To Them”

  1. Hi James,

    Nice post. I personally don’t enjoy Mac laptops or personal computers because their usability doesn’t mesh well with how I expect to use a computer. I think this quote sums up the mac experience for me:

    “I don’t feel like I am operating a Mac so much as I am just there sharing the Mac experience and if I can do something useful while the Mac is willing, so much the better.”

    That being said, I do own a iPad and feel the operating system on it is very user-friendly and intuitive. Perhaps I have been tainted by a PC OS for so many years.


  2. On number 9 you can also go into the system preference’s and go to the mouse option and make your mouse able to use the right click, whitch is way easyer than just buying a new mouse.

  3. I have always been a Mac user, but now they are just to expensive. I can buy 3-4-5 Windows machines for the price of one Mac. My 2 grand Mac died after 3 years use. Cost to get it repaired was more than buying a New…nice PC. Hey Apple…guess how I went. I bought a new very nice PC. Done with Apples Hype.

  4. Listen, Macs operating system is based upon Linux. I am now typing on an ASUS laptop with a 2nd generation i7 quad core processor, 8 gb of ram, a 17 inch screen, a 128 gb solid state primary hard drive, and a 750 gb secondary hdd. Configured like this it cost less than $1,000. A similar Macbook Pro would cost around $3,000, therefore I know of no person with a Macbook this fast. I have it dual booting with Windows 7 and Linux. Version of Linux are free you know that right? You also know you could dual boot Mac OS on this machine also if you are clever right? By why would I when I have a free version of what the Mac OS is based off of? By the way, ASUS has a higher reliability rating than Macs. They were originally a motherboard and component manufacturer and now also make laptops. Oh guess what, I also have a new iMac next to me. I need it also because I am an iPhone and Android developer. People that actually understand both and know computers, usually conclude that apple is good but their rabid fans aren’t as savvy as they’d like to think. I’m on the ASUS now, but I was just developing in Xcode on the iMac. Mac OS has tons of areas where Windows 7 is simply better and more intuitive for all primate species, including our own. To be fair, Mac has some high points. You realize though, that some of that security comes from Macs being more rare and so less a good target of hackers, right? Guess what else I have next to me? A few years old Sony Vaio. If I want to do anything questionable, I use it. Between those precautions and my various antivirus software, my ASUS is nearly as secure as any Mac at 1/3 the price.

    1. Oh trust me, I agree. I too only have a MacBook Pro because I development iPhone applications as a side job. The only negative thing about the type of computer is that they are extremely overpriced, which you agreed with I have stated in the article. This article was written mainly because I believe Macs get too much hate for the wrong reasons, many of them are false. They are overpriced, there is no doubt about them, and you could get a much better pc for the same cost. But most of the insults directed at Macs are false, which is why this article was written.

  5. Mac sells a certain level of prestige. Mac folks get to act like they have better taste and bigger bank accounts. The apple symbol is similar to that of the polo horse. I have one only because I have to.

  6. “Additionally, if there is a Windows program you want to run on your Mac, you can partition your hard drive and put a Windows operating system on it as well. So essentially, you can run all Mac apps and all Windows programs on your computer. So, which computer really has less software available?”

    Mac’s don’t have more software because you can do that to any physical hard drive.

    1. “Partitioning a hard drive” does not mean to physically change it. Bootcamp uses a special software that utilizes required system specifications, including RAM, GPU and Flash Drive space to properly run both OS’s.

  7. A another big reason why even remotely computer savvy people laugh at Mac users is because a lot of people can’t comprehend why someone would buy a pre-built computer, when you could build a better one yourself for a quarter of the cost.

    “8. Macs Are Not Customizable”

    There’s more to customizing that just hardware, Macs are basically like computers with training wheels, you can’t fall off even you try. They’re simply to use, but if something goes wrong people tend to go take it to get fixed, whereas people under the age of 50 who use PC’s generally just fix it themselves easily.

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