List Of Applications That Come With Mac Computers, Information And Pictures

When you get a new Mac computer, one of the first things you should do is check out all of the nice applications, or apps, that come with it. Here is a list of most apps that come with a new Mac computer (2011), along with a brief description of what the app does, and a picture.


What programs come with a Mac?

New Mac computers (as of August, 2011) come with the following apps:

iTunes,a program used to playback music, videos, and podcasts.

Time Machine, a program that can be used to restore your computer to almost any time.

Spotlight, an app that can be accessed by clicking the top  right magnifying glass. It can be used to quickly locate anything on your computer, and can also be used as a quick dictionary.

Spaces, a program that allows you to group your desktop windows to reduce clutter. (No picture available, sorry)

Dashboard, a collection of widgets that allow you to quickly view various things. By default, Dashboard includes a calculator, a calendar, a weather report for your area, and a clock. More widgets can be downloaded and added to Dashboard.

Mail, an e-mail client.

Facetime, an application allowing you to video chat with anyone on a Mac computer, or iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad, that has a built-in camera. (Screenshot not yet available, sorry)

iChat, an instant messaging client.

Safari, the default web browser that comes with your computer.

Photo Booth, an application that allows you to use your built in webcam to take pictures or video, it also includes various effects to modify your picture.


Address Book, an application that allows you  to record contact information for various people.

QuickTime, Apple’s platform for handling video, and other multimedia playback. Can also be used to record video. (No picture available, sorry)


iCal, an application used for managing events.

DVD Player, an application that is used to play DVDs.

Front Row, an application used to play back things such as movies, podcasts, music and TV shows. Screenshot not available because program exits when I try to take one. Similar to Window’s Media Center.

Xcode, an application is used to write, compile, and debug programs  for both computers and iOS devices.

iPhoto, an application used to view and organize photos.

iMovie, an application used to create and edit movies.

iDVD, an application that lets you put music, photos, or movies onto a DVD so they can be played in any DVD player. Screenshot not available, sorry.


iWeb, a program that can be used to make websites, but lacks many features. If you’re actually planning to make a good website with just this application, I wouldn’t recommend it.

and Garageband, an application that lets you create, record, and playback music.

What is your favorite application that came with your Mac? I’d like to know.

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