5 Things To Do After Getting Your New Mac Computer

Whenever you get a new computer, there are always things you should do to make using your computer as pleasant as you can. The computer will not come with everything setup for you, and here is some things I did immediately after I got my MacBook Pro,
and you should do them as well.


1. Setup Your System Preferences

I can not stress this enough, setting up your system preferences will make you love your Mac more then you did before setting them up. In the system preferences menu, you can change anything from the position of the dock, to disabling keys on your computer. If some feature is bugging you, your best bet to change it is to look in system preferences.




2. Check Out The Apps That Come With Your Mac

New Mac computers (as of August, 2011) come with many different programs. A full list of preinstalled programs, information about them, and pictures of them, can be found here.



3. Update the Apps That Came With Your App

Who knows how long your computer has been sitting on the store shelf. In that time, I’m sure many of the apps that came with your computer have had updates, and the operating system has probably been updated too. If you have an internet connection (full guide to connecting to the internet on a Mac can be found here) you will be asked automatically to update. If it doesn’t automatically ask you to update, you can go to System Preferences, and click Software Update, and then Check Now. Updating your programs and operating systems will bring you more features, fix bugs in updated versions, among other things.



4. Put Windows On Your Mac With Boot Camp Assistant

Although you can usually¬†find a similar app for a Windows program, it’s not always possible. Plus, many PC games are not available on Mac computers, and the best way to solve that problem is to put Windows on your Mac via BootCamp assistant. All you need is a retail copy of a Windows installation disk, and some hard drive space to dedicate to your Windows partition. A full guide to doing this will be available soon. If you want to run both Windows and Mac OS at the same time, check out this cool program called Paralells.



5. Enjoy Your Mac

You shelled out a lot of money for your Mac, and you deserve to use it however you want. Go and visit some of your favorite sites, bookmark Techpopper.com, downloaded some apps off the app store, or play some games. You own a powerful machine, and you’re going to enjoy it. A nice list of things you can do on a new computer can be found here.

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  1. Step 1. Throw it in the bin because all ‘macs’ are rubbish and insanely expensive. Theres always a much cheaper and better pc but your all too scared bacause your all kids and have no idea what BIOS are or RAM and so do for the easy rip off route. Apple = con

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