Some Great iPhone apps

This article is a guest post by Sarah Hoekstra.

The iPhone is one of the best devices available in the market today. With the release of iPhone 4S, sales have considerably increased as more and more people are purchasing this revolutionary smart phone. Featuring state of the art technology with a dual core A5 Processor, the iPhone 4S provides cutting edge speeds and a beautiful 3.5 inches Retina Display. The camera has also been increased to 8MP, providing a sharper image and a greater picture resolution. Image quality has also been considerably increased. However, the reason why the iPhone is so popular is because of the gazillions of apps that are made for it. The App Store is the largest online application store, and it is fitting to say the least, as the iPhone is the world’s largest selling phone. Here are some of the best iPhone apps that you can download for yourself:


Designed for the popular social networking forum, Facebook is one of the most downloaded apps from the App Store. It is available on a free, and provides complete accessibility to your account from Facebook. The design is pretty simple and easily navigable, and allows you to easily make modifications to your account. You can write on others’ Walls, make comments, ‘Like’ pictures and posts, and you can easily do everything in a much more sophisticated an easier manner than before. For iPhone users who are on Facebook, this is a must-have application.


Twitter functionality began for the iPhone way back, and since then the updates have really turned the Twitter app in to one of the best applications available on the App Store. Allowing you to easily update the Timeline with the flick of your thumb, you can also tweet from your phone without much of a hassle. Checking your mentions and favorites is certainly not a difficulty as well, as all of those options are located at the bottom of the screen too. Using the application is quite simple, and you can easily search for others and follow people from it too.


This intriguing little app just takes the boundaries of smartphone capabilities to another level altogether. Shazam is an application that allows you to find the name of a song just by listening to a part of it. When you open the application, all you have to do is press ‘Listen’ and place the iPhone closer to the song that is playing. The app will listen for a short while, and then show you the name of the song immediately. There are some minor errors at times, and the names of the songs aren’t always accurate, but most of the time, the application manages to get the right answer.

Angry Birds

When discussing the best iPhone apps, how can we miss out one of the most popular apps of all time? Angry Birds is an addictive game that allows you to throw angry birds at structures built by pigs and destroy them. The game is a lot of fun to play, and is downloaded by hundreds of people across the globe.



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