iPhone and Windows Phone

There are plenty of smartphones out there. The one you pick is all a matter if opinion. It depends on how much time you want to spend on your smartphone during the day. Each phone has many perks and disadvantages. Two main competitors,  Apple and Microsoft, have clearly taken over a large portion of the phone market. But the question is, which smartphone is right for you? Personally, I like the the windows phone. I am writing this from my Samsung Focus as we speak. But that’s just me. First, lets go over some specs:

iPhone 4s

    • 4.5 by 2.3in screen
    • 8 megapixel LED flash camera
    • HD 1080p video
    • 3.5 diagonal Retina display
    • Fingerprint resistant coating
    • 2, 1.0 GHz processors

As you can see, the camera and processors are where the iPhone excels. The dual core processors are very helpful as not to overheat using only a single proccesor. Now lets take a look at the Samsung Focus Specs

  •  4.84 by 2.56in
  • Super Amolded screen
  • 6.5 hr talk time, 300hr standby
  • 5 megapixel LED flash camera
  • 720p HD video recording.
  • Single 1GHz processor

The processor and camera aren’t as great, but makes up for it by battery life and display. But enough about specs. Lets talk about operating systems.

Now, the operating system for the iPhone can be run on every iPhone out, unless it is too old to support the newer version. But the Windows phone has many makers, which gives it the potential to be better, without making 5 different operating systems. Now, with the windows 7.5 OS, there are a lot of hidden features that some people don’t realize. Like holding down the start button for voice guidance, or holding the back button for extreme multitasking. Also, the windows phone is relatively new, making the marketplace smaller than the iPhone marketplace, which is the biggest.  I prefer the live tile feature, which makes finding out simple information easier than its ever been. I can simply look at my phone to find out weather, how many texts I have, calls, voice mails, and even what people of my choice post on Facebook, without even leaving the home screen. With the iPhone, you have to go into apps, and switch apps, which makes finding out information on the go a little harder. And that all comes down to your lifestyle. If you are always busy, like I am, I recommend  the glance and go style of the Windows phone. But if you have time in the day to check everything separately, then iPhone is good for you. Also, photo-maniacs will find the iPhone fits their needs quite nice.

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