iPhone 4S Jailbreak Coming, Chronic Dev Team Needs Your Help

Jailbreaking your iDevice allows you to do many things such as access hidden settings, install third party applications not approved my Apple’s app store, and tweak your device almost any way you see fit. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t make it easy for users to jailbreak their iDevice.

In order to develop a jailbreak for an iDevice, a team of hackers has to find security exploits within Apple’s own code, and make it possible to insert coding into the operating system so they can get rid of the security blocks Apple has placed on them. At the same time, Apple is also looking for bugs in their own code to stop jailbreakers from doing such things. They use crash reports in your device to help them do it. It makes sense why they would do it. Jailbreaking your iDevice could potentially be a security threat, and it also costs them money when people pirate software.

A popular iOS hacking group, Chronic Dev Team, has developed a tool to prevent those crash reports Apple uses being sent to help them, which stops Apple from patching vital security holes. At the same time, these crash reports are instead sent to Chronic Dev Team, to aid them in making their jailbreaks.

The tool is quick and easy to use. Simply plug in your iDevice into your computer via usb, and press the button. The program will take the crash reports and send them to Chronic Dev Team, and also prevent iTunes from sending the crash reports to them automatically.

The program can be downloaded at these links.



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