Apple Announcement: What To Expect From The iPhone 5

At the time of writing, the Apple store is down again, which today, likely only means one thing. Apple are preparing to publish their new sales page for the products they are going to be announcing today. Meanwhile, rumors are floating all over the internet speculating as to what new features this new iPhone could possibly have. Here is what we think the new iPhone will have.

The iPhone 5

Some people think that with Apple’s most recent iPad release simply being called ‘the new iPad’, that their iPhone line will start following a similar trend. However, a ‘5’ on Apple’s invitations seems to dismiss any idea that the iPhone can be called anything else.

A Larger Screen And Other Hardware

Perhaps the most expected, Apple’s new iPhone may feature a larger screen. People have been asking for this for years now, and all of Apple’s competitors are following the trend. However, Apple has decided against doing this in the past because the screen resolution and pixels per inch ratio would change, so developers would have to redesign the graphics of their applications to work with the new iPhone being released should this be the case. It is speculated that the screen will be 4 inches diagonally, compared to the previous 3.5. Along with the screen, it is predicted that there will be a new processing chip and perhaps a better camera.


If the new iPhone does not have some form of 4G, it’ll be very surprising. Data speeds are really separating the iPhone from its competitors. In the world we live in, people want things as fast as possible, and the speed caps in previous iPhones have been a major let back, enough to convince a consumer to purchase a different, similar product that does have 4G capability. Samsung has stated that they are prepared to sue Apple if the new iPhone has 4G LTE, but we’ll have to see how it plays out.


A New Dock Connector

Finally, it is is predicted that Apple will slim down their dock connector for the new iPhone and all of its upcoming mobile products far out into the future. It is rumored the new dock connector will be either a 19-pin or 8-pin connector. This may be annoying for owners of multiple Apple products and connectors at first, but it is time for a change. Imagine if we still used floppy disks.

What features or improvements would you like to see on the next iPhone?

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