The Effect On A Blogger By Taking A Vacation

Occasionally those rare times in our life come up where we become extremely busy and we’re not able to carry out our duties. Additionally, sometimes people feel like they just need a break from all the busy things in their life and they want to get away from it for a little bit. For people with an offline job, doing so might not be quite a huge deal. However, if you’re a blogger or webmaster, that’s a completely different story. Due to real life issues, I have had to stop blogging for nearly two weeks, and here’s the effects it had on my website.

1. Search Engine Rankings Drop

All webmasters should know that search engines absolutely love websites that are updated regularly. Search engine robots will not visit your website, crawl, and index it nearly as often it’s not updated – after all, if there’s nothing new on it, there’s no use wasting energy reindexing it. I noticed when I had stopped blogging for a short amount of time, the percentage of traffic I receive from search engine websites dropped dramatically, decreasing each day I had not updating my website. Luckily, it won’t be that challenging to bring search engine robots back to my site.


2. Visitors Don’t Visit As Often

When I blog everyday, I notice that my percentage of returning visitors was at its highest. This decreased drastically after I had stopped blogging for a few days, and after about a week it was at a devastating low point. However, if one were to start producing the articles again, previous visitors will notice and they will start visiting regularly again. Social media is a great way to let people know that you’re back from your break.


3. You Lose Money

If you blog for money, webmasters that stop blogging will quickly notice that there profits stop coming in as well. In the end, the amount of visitors you get is one of the biggest factor in how much money you earn from your website. If less visitors come to your website, you will earn less revenue from your website.


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  1. Thanks so much for this interesting post. That’s amazing the negative results you had in such a short time for taking a couple of weeks off from blogging. My blog is relatively new, with traffic steadily increasing. I have been regularily posting. After reading this, it certainly motivates me to continue to post on a regular basis. Thanks again for the informative post. Keep up the good work.

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