Is Google Trying To Take Over The World?

Google. The most popular website out according to Alexa, which is not a surprise. Most people use Google’s search engine on a regular basis, you may have even found this website by Google. But Google is becoming much more then just a search engine like it was in it’s early stages. The company has branched out to many different technologies that we use in our everyday life, and many like myself believe that Google is gaining to much power.

Google Owns The Internet

Not really, but Google has more influence on each and every website on the internet more then any other company. Google is currently the world’s most popular search engine. Webmasters rely on Google to bring them visitors to their website. Google could essentially ruin someone’s website simply by deindexing and not reindexing it into their massive search engine index.

Google owns the world’s largest pay per click marketing service, Google Adwords. Webmasters use Adwords to drive traffic to their website. Now this mostly applies to websites that sell hard goods, where search engine optimization is hard because there is such little content for the search engines to crawl. Many small businesses that operate online would fail if Google were to shut off their Adwords program

Webmasters also rely on Google Analytics to review statistics about their website popularity and their visitors. I use it myself, and personally I don’t know what I’d do without it. Google Analytics makes it so easy to critique your website and find out how to improve it.

Google controls all webmaster’s lives.


Google Owns A Large Portion Of The Mobile Phone Market

Smartphones are increasing in popularity every day. At the time of writing, there are three main competitors, Apple with their iPhone, Google with their Android cell phones, and Microsoft with their Windows phone. Android OS is extremely popular and is loved by millions and millions of people. New Android phones are being produced extremely fast in many different varieties, and sales are only going up for Google. Control of the internet and a lot of the cell phone market already gives you an enormous amount of power, but it doesn’t stop there



That’s right, Google has come out with it’s own line of computers, with their own unique, linux-based operating system called Chrome OS. Right now, it is relatively new, but no one’s to say that’s not going to change. Could you imagine Google owning the computer market, the phone market, AND the internet? That’d be insane. Chrome OS, despite it’s lack of compatibility with a lot of current programs, has not had bad reviews either. As more applications are produced for it, I only see sales rising and the popularity of Google’s computers increasing.

Google Chrome

Recent reports have told us that Google Chrome has recently surpassed Firefox in popularity. I think there are two main factors to this. One, Mozilla has been shoving constant updates at us way to fast. We moved from version 2 of Firefox to version 8 in less then a year, which is crazy. Secondly, since Google owns Adwords, it can shove advertisements for it’s own product at us with no cost to them, which is exactly what they’ve been doing. Google can advertise anything they want to us, and if they do it enough, people will notice and they will make sales.



In recent years Google has come out with many new products, and I can only see them coming out with more. How long will it be before we see a Google TV? Google music gear? Google webhosting? Google powered headphones, speakers, or microphones? Being one of the richest companies in existence, control over advertisements everywhere, what’s stopping them from coming out with more products?

What if 50 years from now, everything we own was manufactured by Google?

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  1. Yup, that’s pretty much a reality which we’re all going to face. Honestly, though, I find Google much cooler than, say Microsoft, or Apple. Still, with Google already integrating themselves in with the cell phone market, I’d imagine that they’re going to (if they haven’t already) start creating not just software, but actual hardware and processors for their phones. So far, their hardware has been manufactered by Taiwan (and probably some other manufacturers), but it may be cheaper for them to just start to “roll their own”, so to speak. Link:


    – holland

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