How To Meet New People And Make Friends On Twitter

twitlogoHumans are social beings, and that’s why we have social networking sites. Social networking websites aren’t just made to connect with the friends and family you actually know in real life, they are made for meeting real people too. With people being able to connect to the internet from all over the world, a lot of people go to sites such as Twitter to make new friends from other countries or areas of the world. Sometimes finding new people and making friends online is hard, but if you do the following, you’re sure to have an easier time.

Make Your Twitter Profile Look Nice

In real life when you make friends, or you’re going out and socializing, you want to look approachable. You don’t want to have good hygiene, and appear friendly. The same thing applies to the internet with your social network profile. You want it to look decent, because this is the first thing a potential follower will look at before they decide if they follow you or not. You should stick away from the defaults of the Twitter profile, which means uploading a profile picture and filling out some of the information. Give an insight as to who you are and what you like. In real life, people use clothes to express themselves. Online, it’s your profile.

Find Twitter Users With Similar Interests

Now that you’ve made your profile look nice and tidy, you can start actually looking for friends now. Utilize Twitter’s search bar, which allows you to type in a keyword, and find other people with that keyword either in their username, or in a tweet they have posted. For example, if you had a passion for video games, you might put in a search for people tweeting about games you like. This allows you to find people with mutual interests, which is vital for friendships. Tweeting about your mutual interest to each other can eventually lead to a friendship, and more followers.

Be Active On Twitter, And Unfollow People Who Are Not

It’s hard to keep friendships with people if you never talk to them. If you want to keep building and maintaining friendships on Twitter, it’s important that you get on regularly, and message people who have messaged you, and sometimes initiate conversation. If you don’t, people will unfollow you, and for a good reason. Nobody wants to follow unactive people. And often times, if you are unactive, and start tweeting again suddenly, people who previously followed you may have forgotten who you were, and unfollow you. And you don’t want that, do you?

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