Five Disadvantages Of Buying Things Online

Everything has its ups and its downs, and that includes online shopping. I wrote five advantages of buying online, and in this article I will tell you about the drawbacks of online shopping. Here are five disadvantages of buying things online.

1. You Can Not Physically See The Item You Are Purchasing

Perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages of online shopping is you can not physically see the item you are purchasing until it arrives. You do not get to feel it, smell it, or see it. I quickly noticed how big of a pain this was when I tried to order a mouse pad online, only to find out when it arrived that it had a horrible smell, which made me regret my purchase. When you purchase things in regular retail stores, you have the chance to examine all of these things, check for defects, and guarantee the item you see in front of you is exactly what you are going to have.

2. The Item Could Be Poorly Shipped

Even if the item you have purchased leaves the manufacturer’s warehouse in perfect condition, there is still always the chance that it can be damaged during shipping. I had a friend who had a computer part broken during delivery, and he was unable to get a refund on it, all because the shipping company did a poor job handling it. Retail stores will not put out broken items, so poor shipping is not an issue when buying from a retail store.

3. Shipping Charges

Shipping charges, especially if you are shipping heavy or large items, or shipping far distances, can get very expensive very quickly. For even an item with a weight as low as one pound, shipping across the United States via UPS Basic is nearly $8. It’s almost not even worth purchasing cheap items because the shipping prices can be more than the cost of the item itself.  Shipping fees are a huge drawback for people looking to begin shopping online. Hopefully in the future, we can find a more efficient way to ship items, and shipping costs will be much cheaper.

4. It’s Not Always Secure

Sadly, the internet is full of harmful spyware and malware that can damage your system and be used to compromise your system. Because most online vendors require a debit or credit card, information typed into these stores for checkout could be stolen right after you type it. Of course, it’s not the seller’s fault at all, but it’s still a possibility when purchasing things online.

5. Shipping Time

Because it takes time to move places from a warehouse, onto a truck, and to your home, you can not buy items that you need very quickly. This is why I believe regular shopping will always be more popular than online shopping, even though shopping online is becoming more popular every year.

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