Farmville – Now It’s More Than Just A Game



Farmville. The name will ring a bell to a lot of people. Whether you’ve seen posts about it on Facebook, gotten Farmville requests on your Facebook wall, or ┬ámaybe you’re even one of the 37 million people that play the game monthly, you’ve probably heard about it at least once. But now, the developers have created something much more then just a Facebook game.

For those that don’t know, Farmville is a game on Facebook in which you grow your own plants, harvest them, and make money off of them. Today, Zynga has taken it a step up from just a game. They released their own website today, It is a social networking site that gives useful information about to start up your own herbs or vegetable garden.

The website offers tips and techniques to grow your own plants. Through the website’s social networking feature, you are able to share your own personal tips and stories with other users. Users are also able to design their own vegetable garden, and keep a farming journal.

Personally, I think this is a great idea for Zynga. I’ve never really been a fan of Farmville (or a fan of the constant spam I get on my Facebook page). Offering a useful website that teaches something will definitely be interesting. Although I’m no farmer, I will still be checking it out. I could see people investing in this.


What are your thoughts about GrowThePlanet?

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