Facebook’s Timeline Feature Will Be One Of Its Biggest Updates To Date

Within the past few weeks, we have seen a lot of minor updates on Facebook. 81% of people claimed to have disliked the update, so the thought of a new larger update sounds like anything but a good thing. The upcoming Timeline feature will affect all of Facebook’s 750 million users. Whether you think it is a good idea or not, you will have one for yourself. Read on to find out what the Facebook Timeline is, and what it will be used for.

The Facebook timeline is a timeline that visually displays a large amount of events that have occurred during your lifetime, all the way back to your birth. It can even tell you where and when you born, yep, all that stuff is stored on the Facebook servers. All of it can be shared with your friends (or any other random people you have added on Facebook). If there are things that aren’t on your timeline, you have the option to manually add them yourself.

Navigating the timeline is simple and relaxing. No display a certain time, just click the month or year on the right hand sidebar. No longer will you have to go through pages and pages to find that status you posted a month ago. It’s also a great way to review what you were thinking about certain things at a certain time, or notice when someone asked you to do something and you forgot to do it.


Whoops! Sorry Maria! I'm over 2 months late, is that ok? I forgot all about it.

Facebook’s timeline feature will be a great new way to review your life. Here are some pictures for those who want to see it early:








There you have it. If the words “Facebook” and “Update” in the same sentence scare you, fear no longer. I believe Facebook’s upcoming timeline feature will be great. Have any questions? Ask them in a comment, or email me at questions@techpopper.com. Thanks for reading!

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