Facebook Timeline Update Sure To Come Soon

A couple months back, we wrote about a huge update for Facebook profiles called Timeline. It was first able to be accessed by developers in September, and was set for public release on October 4th. But October 4th has long passed and we have yet to see the timeline update, but that’s about to change.

Facebook Inc. has had their timeline ready to be released even before October 4th. So what was stopping them? Well, http://timelines.com had decided to sue Facebook for trademark infringement, claiming that the update Facebook had planned to do would completely ruin their  website that they have had for a long time, and that they surely couldn’t compete with a website as huge as Facebook.

So, they sued Facebook. They didn’t exactly win, but they didn’t exactly lose either. Facebook Inc. had been ordered to keep the timeline limited to developers only, for a certain period of time. Now, that certain period of time is over, and soon Facebook’s timeline update will be released to everybody.

And that’s not it – Facebook has also decided to countersue Timelines.com, insisting that Timeline is a generic term and can’t be considered trademark infringement. There are a wide variety of terms, ranging from everyday words such as tech or guitar to company names such as Samsung. Facebook Inc. believes that  timeline is on the lower end of that scale, and they have every right to use the name.

For now, we’ll just have to wait. However, once this blows over we’re definitely going to see a huge public timeline launch.

For those who can’t wait, here is a preview:


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