Do People Think You’re A Fanboy? Top 5 Reasons Why You Look Like One

Fanboys. They’re everywhere, infecting the internet. Sometimes it’s extremely obvious when someone’s a fanboy, and sometimes it’s not. You, yourself may be some type of fanboy, and you might not know why. Read on. If you’re doing one of these five things, you look like a fanboy of some sort.

1. You’re valuing something above something else, when one or both are not out yet

I see something like this all the time, usually between two things of the same type. Most commonly, I see this between two unreleased pieces of technology, or video games. Currently, one of the most common is between two upcoming FPS games. Nobody knows what these games will be like exactly, so judging that one is better than the other makes you look like a fanboy.


2. You don’t own both of the items you are comparing

Again, I see this happen a lot with technology. If you try to conclude one item is better then another, and you haven’t owned  both, your answer isn’t really valid. I see this happen a lot between game systems. Guys, unless you’ve owned both of the systems for a reasonable amount of time, have gotten to know it’s ins and outs, and have tested most of it’s features, you really shouldn’t be telling people what system is better. Although when you own both systems, such as I do, it’s completely fine. I’d recommend stating that you own both however, to decrease your chances of looking like a fanboy.

I see this happen a lot with cell phones as well. Let’s be real, most people do not own two cell phones, let alone two cell phones from different companies.

I’m not saying you can’t give your opinion on an item you own. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You just shouldn’t give your opinions on something you’ve never owned.


3. You don’t provide reason

If you don’t provide reason, it’ll sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about. It is also nearly worthless, because people want reasons. If they want to know which product is better, they will want to know why. Here are some examples of fanboy answer that doesn’t have any reason:

“This system ftw” or, “That system all the way” or, “This system because that system sucks”

As you can see, opinions like that don’t tell us, well, anything.


4. You do provide reason, but it isn’t enough

Again, almost worthless. If you’re trying to get a point across, you’ll want to sound intelligent. Comments such as “This game because it has better graphics”, or “That game because the gameplay is funner” won’t cut it if you’re trying to convince someone that something is better then something else.

5. Your reasons are based on personal experiences

I’ll be frank. Most people won’t care about your personal experiences with a certain object. It’s not that they’re mean, or they aren’t glad to hear you’re enjoying (or hating) something, but instead it’s because they’re the ones that want to enjoy the object, not you. Here is an example of a comment full of personal opinions:

“Well, I think you should buy the first game. It’s loads of fun! One time, I was playing on this one map, and some guy ran out behind me and I took him down, and got an epic killstreak I used it and got tons of points, and everyone thought I was a pro. Afterwards, I got 2 friend requests! I think you should buy it! P.S: If you decide to  buy it, let’s quickscope together.”

See what I mean? In this example, people aren’t going to know what that certain killstreak is, or what quickscoping is.  They aren’t familiar with the game, and it’s not going to make sense to them. Plus, it makes you sound like you don’t own the other object.



Well, there you have it. Five reasons why you may look like a fanboy. After reading this, take the time to make sure you aren’t doing any of these five things when giving your opinion on something. Know something else that makes you look like a fanboy? Post it in a comment, I’d love to read it.

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