The Pros And Cons Of Water Cooling A PC

water cooling
A desktop with a water cooling system installed.

If you’re building a PC or you plan on overclocking your current system, you may be wondering which way to go: air cooling, or the more expensive, water cooling. There are benefits of water cooling over air cooling, but there are also some drawbacks. But do the pros outweigh the cons? Read on, and decide for yourself.

Water-Based Cooling vs Air-Based Cooling

Without a doubt, a water-based cooling system will almost always be better than an air-based cooling system. This is because liquid can absorb heat better than air, and works more on absorbing the heat rather than just pushing out the heat already generated.  However, that difference in heat management may not be all that significant. A good water cooling system compared to a high-end air cooling system will allow you to overclock safely about 10% more. Is that worth the increased cost? Strictly on a cooling basis, not really, unless you have a very large budget. The extra money you spend on water cooling your PC could go towards improving other components, such as your graphics card or CPU.

Water Cooling Looks Nicer

Many people agree that having a water cooling kit installed in your PC looks good. Most people don’t care so much about looks, but it’s still a factor to consider, especially if you like to show off your computer, or have a case with a window on it. The tubes do take up space inside the computer, however if you can arrange them nicely, they certainly provide a “wow factor” to people viewing the inside of your machine. Look how cool this corsair hydro series cooler looks

Water Cooling Is Quieter Than Air Cooling

It sure is a pain to have a computer that sounds like a jet engine when put under heavy use. All the fans and component noises on your PC can add up, and make it seem really loud. If you lived in a shared home, it can even disrupt your family or roommates. One way to decrease the amount of noise is to install a water cooling kit rather than a heat sink. The noise difference may not be all that significant, but it’s still a decrease in noise none-the-less.


Water Cooling Price Vs. Air Cooling Price

Water cooling is much more expensive than air cooling. A good heat sink fan, such has the Hyper 212 EVO, would only cost you about $30, where as a good water cooling kit could easily cost you over $100. It’s up for you to decide if the benefits of having a water-cooled system are worth the increased price. For most people it’s not, as that money could be better spent elsewhere. However if you have a large budget, or really care about having a quiet or flashy PC, perhaps a water cooling system WOULD be worth the increased price to you.

Risks Of Water Cooling

Water cooling does not come without its risks. After all, putting liquid anywhere near an electronic system always does. Although most water cooling systems are made to work well, there’s always the risk of a leak happening, or a tube breaking. And spilling liquid in your PC would ruin it for sure. However, if you set up the kit correctly, this very rarely occurs.

Hey PC builders, when you built your PC, did you go for an air cooling system, or a water cooling system? Why did you choose what you did?

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