Wearable Computers: Call Of The Future


We often require computers, be it office or home, for number of reasons. Hence you will find people often are surrounded by stuffs like Laptops, Smartphone’s, Palmtops and other type of wireless devices. However, the users want more flexibility; therefore the concept of wearable computers came into picture. This has led the designers and researchers to embark with number of opportunities to think of having wearable computers of wide range. These are the smaller devices which can be easily worn over the human body for a wide range of professionals as per their needs and requirements. Every profession has its own specialized device which will help the respective professional in aiding and augmenting his daily life at work. Few of the players were able to come up with devices under the category of wearable computers. Let’s discuss them one by one:

ViA wearable computers: ViA is a giant in PC world based in the heart of Silicon Valley. In the year 1997, the company was able to present before the world “first wearable computer” during a trade show- Computer Dealers Exposition commonly known as COMDEX. The ViA Wearable was a full function and flexible kind of computer which can be worn across the waist with the help of a belt. The company with an implementation of Crusoe microprocessor could develop a full function and powerful kind of wearable computers exclusively designed for the cell phone users who require hands and eyes free computing experience.

The IBM wearable computer: IBM or call it International Business Machines is a known giant company in computer industry. Unlike ViA, IBM too embarked with a wearable computer in the year 1998 which was derived from a device called ThinkPad 560X. The configuration of the IBM wearable computer includes an Intel processor of 233 Mhz, RAM of 64M and IBM MicroDrive of 340MB, which ran on windows 98 which encompassed a number of PC applications and a speech software of IBM ViaVoice 1998. The display mounted over the head had 320 by 240 pixels resolution along with 256 gray levels. It was seen an ear phone, and the wearable computer was controlled by microphone and TrackPoint.

The Xybernaut Poma wearable computer: The Xybernaut Corporation happens to be a big player in computer hardware and software world, which is also responsible in bringing in a number of communication devices including the ones with hands free designs. The wearable computer of this company was named Xybernaut’s Poma which carries a number of features- a perfect computing choice for the cell phone users. The device encompasses a Compact Flash Slot, a USB port, RAM and ROM of 32MB along with a custom optimal mouse and an internal rechargeable battery which is removable. This comes with a head mounted display giving the user a private viewing experience which is somewhere close to the PC monitor.

These were the three initial wearable computers, while the designers and researchers have many things in their minds while visualizing these devices. The new dawn of computer age demands such wearable computers which can be worn across their body like how you wear glasses. These will be instrumental in making the user’s life easy and powerful and somewhere become your sixth sense. Hence what you get is a perfect fusion of machine in human body parts. These dreams though sound to be far fetches but slowly and steadily these things are turning out to be reality. There is much more to come in the coming future.




Olympus Human Interface Device

Being mastered in the optical lenses, cameras and optical devices, Olympus has now put forth an innovative series of Human Interface Device for wearable computers. Computing anywhere and anytime is the new slogan for this device. The input method has been replaced by a keyboard and mouse. The hand movement along with sensors, attached with fingertips and the back of the hand, provides input. It works by simplifying the gestures and hand movements and converting them to data.

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