Three Reasons To Get A Laser Keyboard, And Three Reasons Not To

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We all know technology is advancing every day. Every day, new inventions are created, new things that wouldn’t of even been imagined in years past. Our current technology is always improving, getting faster, higher quality, and cheaper.

Although not necessarily new, laser keyboards are becoming more and more common in people’s households. It wouldn’t be a shock if before too long, computers start being shipped with laser keyboards rather than the standard keyboards we all have been using for many years.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of using a laser keyboard.

Good Things About Laser Keyboards

If there wasn’t anything good about using a laser keyboard, nobody would want to use them, and they wouldn’t be produced, because they wouldn’t sell, right? There are quite a few good things about using a laser keyboard that you wouldn’t get from using a regular keyboard

1. They Don’t Get Dirty

Let’s face it. If you’ve used the same keyboard for a very long time, it’s more then likely you’ve gotten dirt, food particles, and other small objects on the side of your keys. These objects can cause your keys to get stuck, and time and even money trying to get the objects out. With a laser keyboard, you never have to worry about it getting dirty, because it’s a projection and the keyboard is not an actual physical object.

2. They Are Quiet

Keyboards have gotten quieter as years gone by, but it still makes a lot of noise when you type on your computer, especially if you’re a fast typer. This will only be beneficial in certain situations, but having an absolutely silent keyboard can be beneficial to some people. Some laser keyboards have a built in noise when they register that you’ve hit a key, but it can usually be turned off.

3. It Looks Awesome

The keyboards are bright and stunning. They look like something you’d see in an old sci-fi movie. Although its looks don’t necessarily contribute to its usefulness, people that see it will think it’s cool.


Bad Things About Laser Keyboards

1. They Feel Weird

If you’ve been used to typing on a normal keyboard for years, adjusting to a laser keyboard is awkward. I rely on the feeling of my fingers sinking down when they press down the keys on my keyboard, and you won’t get anything like that on a laser keyboard. I’d imagine that I’d type much slower on a laser keyboard than on a regular keyboard.

2. They Use Extra Electricity

The projector has to be plugged in to be used, and it does take electricity to shine that bright, nice looking keyboard down in front of you.

3. They Are Costly

Laser keyboards can run for around $200, some more or less, only to provide the exact same functionality as a normal keyboard. Is all the extra features of a laser keyboard worth the costly price? I’ll leave that up to you.

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