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How To Set Up Your Room For Video Gaming


When I got my first game console, I was five years old. I played on my bed and a tiny 20 inch television. Now that I’m older, I’ve invested much more money into one of my favorite past times, video gaming. These small things I’ve done made the experience of playing video games much more enjoyable, and doing the following will make your experience more enjoyable too.

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Steam Summer Sale 2012 – What We Know So Far

It has been officially announced on the Steam forums that Valve be having it’s seemingly annual summer sale for the third time running. Valve’s summer sale hosts a major discount to many, many games available on the Steam network, some going beyond a 75% discount.


Although we don’t yet have a confirmed date for the summer sale, all speculation to date has been suggesting July 12th. Developers that release their games for the Steam client supposedly know the date to the summer sale, and the above picture shows a developer leaking the release date, which at this point in time, seems accurate. There have been 11 indie bundles added to the Steam registry, one for each day. Additionally, all previous summer sales have started on Thursdays, and July 12th, 2012, is indeed a Thursday, which would follow the pattern.

Although it hasn’t been a lot, the small conformation from Valve telling us there will be a summer sale is enough to satisfy almost everyone for a while…

A Timeline Of Nintendo Game Consoles

Nintendo has had a huge influence on video games today, and a huge influence on how video games have been developed throughout history. Transforming from a small playing card company, Nintendo is now one of the biggest video game competitors on the modern market. In this article we will walk through Nintendo’s history, from Nintendo’s Colour TV Game  to their soon-to-be-released Wii U.

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Five Reasons Why MMORPGs Become Addictive

MMORPGs, or, massive multiplayer online role playing games, are becoming vaster each year. The days of single player gaming, the days of local split-screen, they’re over. Today, we have the technology to make entire worlds, and allow thousands of people to enjoy them all together at once. Players get sucked into these second worlds, and play for hours on end to earn achievements, to socialize with other people, and to progress their virtual character. Soon, players find themselves so immensed in the game that they don’t want to give it up, the game is never complete. When players reach this stage, they have become addicted.

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5 Reasons Why PC Gaming Is Taking My Interests

I have been a casual gamer since I got my first Sega system. I played that for hundreds of hours, and it became an addictive hobby. I found myself buying every new gaming console as they came out, and I currently own each current generation system. However, there is one type of video gaming that I’ve never done, and that’s PC gaming. As I put more in more time into researching it, PC gaming looks better and better. I’m about to order by first gaming computer, and here’s why.

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The Dementor Effect

Unless you haven’t read or seen any of the Harry Potter series, then you know what a dementor is. If not, a dementor is a creature who takes people souls.

And that is how I feel about Call of Duty. Im not saying that they are bad games. I own half of them, and play them all the time. But everytime I look at the clock, I think ‘wow. Its been that long?!’ It steals my time like you wouldn’t believe. I can’t get my work done. My dad is always yelling at me. But that’s how Activision gets you to buy their games.

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