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Blog Posts Now Back To Regular Schedule

This previous week, I had finally finished building and testing a wonderful new work machine that I will use to write all my future articles. My laptop was having horrible heating issues (launching even simple programs raised the CPU temperature to 95 degrees C). I had taken a week off to make sure all the hardware was fully functional, and also to enjoy it a bit, but next week, a new era for will begin, Continue reading Blog Posts Now Back To Regular Schedule

Why Music Notation Software Should Become Standard In Schools

Exactly how involved are high-school and college students with technology these days? Although many teachers are reluctant to bring modern tech into their classrooms, many students are comfortable and even encourage it. We have entered an age where technology is a major part of each and every one of our lives, including those of us who are still in school. For those in music classes, I can say without a doubt that music notation software will improve your overall learning experience. Here are six reasons why music notation software is great.

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Kindle Fire Vs. iPad 2

It is believed by many people that the Kindle Fire has been a real competitor for Apple’s iPad since its release. In fact, although the iPad has had more sales for the first three quarters of 2011, Amazon’s newest Kindle has sold more in the final quarter of the year then the iPad has. The Kindle Fire sold many, many copies during the holidays this year, but should people have saved their money and instead bought an iPad? We here at TechPopper have had the opportunity to use both devices for a fair amount of time, and will be comparing based on three categories – hardware, software, and price.

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New Guest Blogger

One of my friends, Troy Gessner has offered to start writing for That means more articles for you to read. You can identify which posts he has written because it will say “posted by TroyGessner”. So far he has written an article about a windows phone versus an iPhone and a post about the dementia effect. This news does not mean I will write any less. It simply means there will be an extra writer cranking out articles for you guys.

Interested in becoming a writer? Click here.

– James

Website News

A lot of changes to have taken place the last month. Here’s a list of fixes and updates that have happened.


Fixed and moved three images that were not rendering correctly in the bottom righthand corner

Added a “Future Technology” and “Other” category.

Fixed linking with the “Security” category, now correctly says security in links instead of viruses.

Moved the blog from to

Setup 301 redirects from old posts to the new blog.

Set up a “Write For Us” page, if you want to write an article to appear on our blog.

Further anti-spam improvements.

Made articles easier to share via social media.

Changed iOS Devices category to include other mobile devices

Changed Programs category to programs and programming.




On top of this, if there is some important news I feel people need to know about it, I will post it. However, that won’t affect other articles I had planned for writing that day.  Thanks everyone!

Upcoming Minecraft Beta 1.8

Many people who play Minecraft are waiting for the new update, deemed the “Adventure Update”. It is called the adventure update because there is going to be a new mode called adventure mode, where I’m guessing you can play preset adventures implemented by Mojang. There are also going to be NPC villages, which will be Non-Player-Characters who build buildings and collect resources just like a normal minecraft player would. I think this will make single player a lot more fun because it will allow users to have a multiplayer experience in single player. They will also be implementing creative mode, where players will be able to create various things, as the title implies. Critical hits and sprinting will make combat much better in Minecraft. When you hit a mob, you will get a chance to hit extra damage and sprinting will let you get around quicker. Lastly, there will be more things to farm and maybe a new mob! I hope everyone feels the same way I do about this update!