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7 Things Google Knows About You

1. Google know what you search:

They keep track of everything you search. They used this in their Adwords program.

2. Google Knows What Videos You Watch:

They use this information to recommend you videos on YouTube.

3. Google knows every webpage you visit:

If you use Google Chrome internet browser, every page you view in that browser can be shared with Google. Google has confirmed that they do not use this information to display ads on your computer.

4. Google may know when you’re going to be sick:

If you search for illnesses using Google search, it is being recorded by Google. For example, if you search up keywords relating to how to cure a flu illness, Google keeps track of that. It is rumored they use that information to keep track of where illnesses start and where they are spreading to, and they can estimate when a virus will reach a certain area.  Continue reading 7 Things Google Knows About You