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The Pros And Cons Of Water Cooling A PC

water cooling
A desktop with a water cooling system installed.

If you’re building a PC or you plan on overclocking your current system, you may be wondering which way to go: air cooling, or the more expensive, water cooling. There are benefits of water cooling over air cooling, but there are also some drawbacks. But do the pros outweigh the cons? Read on, and decide for yourself.

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Intel Core i5 Vs i7 Processors

Choosing parts for a computer builder can be a frustrating experience. Builders are always trying to find the best bang for their buck, and over spending for hardware they will not utilize is a great way to drain one’s budget very quickly. Since the i5 and i7 Sandy Bridge processors were released, there has been a bit of argument among builders on which to buy. The i7 is Intel’s high end processor, but is the price difference worth the cost?

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