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Wearable Computers: Call Of The Future


We often require computers, be it office or home, for number of reasons. Hence you will find people often are surrounded by stuffs like Laptops, Smartphone’s, Palmtops and other type of wireless devices. However, the users want more flexibility; therefore the concept of wearable computers came into picture. This has led the designers and researchers to embark with number of opportunities to think of having wearable computers of wide range. These are the smaller devices which can be easily worn over the human body for a wide range of professionals as per their needs and requirements. Every profession has its own specialized device which will help the respective professional in aiding and augmenting his daily life at work. Few of the players were able to come up with devices under the category of wearable computers. Let’s discuss them one by one:

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Three Reasons To Get A Laser Keyboard, And Three Reasons Not To

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We all know technology is advancing every day. Every day, new inventions are created, new things that wouldn’t of even been imagined in years past. Our current technology is always improving, getting faster, higher quality, and cheaper.

Although not necessarily new, laser keyboards are becoming more and more common in people’s households. It wouldn’t be a shock if before too long, computers start being shipped with laser keyboards rather than the standard keyboards we all have been using for many years.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of using a laser keyboard.

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