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Operation Sea Ray

  • Unfortunately, this is not about a covert military op. But the Nokia Lumia 800(Sea Ray) made its long awaited release last month, and i wanted to share a couple of facts with you. This is the first windows phone made by Nokia, along with the Lumia 710. This phone comes in Blue, Magenta and Black. This is the first windows smartphone to have a colored back. It has a single core 1.4 GHz processor.on the inside, faster than the other Microsoft branded phone.

The Dementor Effect

Unless you haven’t read or seen any of the Harry Potter series, then you know what a dementor is. If not, a dementor is a creature who takes people souls.

And that is how I feel about Call of Duty. Im not saying that they are bad games. I own half of them, and play them all the time. But everytime I look at the clock, I think ‘wow. Its been that long?!’ It steals my time like you wouldn’t believe. I can’t get my work done. My dad is always yelling at me. But that’s how Activision gets you to buy their games.

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iPhone and Windows Phone

There are plenty of smartphones out there. The one you pick is all a matter if opinion. It depends on how much time you want to spend on your smartphone during the day. Each phone has many perks and disadvantages. Two main competitors,  Apple and Microsoft, have clearly taken over a large portion of the phone market. But the question is, which smartphone is right for you? Personally, I like the the windows phone. I am writing this from my Samsung Focus as we speak. But that’s just me. First, lets go over some specs:

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