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How to Tint and Enhance Photos in Photoshop

If you don’t have a top of the line camera like some people, but you want to capture the great visual effects of any picture, then read on. Today we will be using the Photoshop Photo Filters to change this dull picture-

-into this one. Even though the changes on this picture aren’t that extreme, you can actually see that it looks slightly more lively. With the Photo Filter you can go above and beyond past this picture.


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Upcoming Minecraft Beta 1.8

Many people who play Minecraft are waiting for the new update, deemed the “Adventure Update”. It is called the adventure update because there is going to be a new mode called adventure mode, where I’m guessing you can play preset adventures implemented by Mojang. There are also going to be NPC villages, which will be Non-Player-Characters who build buildings and collect resources just like a normal minecraft player would. I think this will make single player a lot more fun because it will allow users to have a multiplayer experience in single player. They will also be implementing creative mode, where players will be able to create various things, as the title implies. Critical hits and sprinting will make combat much better in Minecraft. When you hit a mob, you will get a chance to hit extra damage and sprinting will let you get around quicker. Lastly, there will be more things to farm and maybe a new mob! I hope everyone feels the same way I do about this update!

How to turn on your Windows Firewall (Seven, Vista and XP)

If your computer is being supported by Windows, then your computer also has a built in firewall. If your having virus problems, you might want to check to see that this firewall is on if you don’t own a different firewall (such as Norton, Cisco, etc.). To check this, click the windows button in the bottom right corner, then in the search bar type Run. When the run window is open, type Firewall.cpl, and then click enter.

A screen should pop up like this one below.

If it says Windows Firewall is on, then your fine! For any reason, if its off and you want to turn it on click the Change Settings and change the setting from off to on.

So, why should my firewall be on?

A firewall checks information coming in from the internet and blocks it if it is unsafe. With your firewall off, this process is not happening. A firewall can help prevent hackers from gaining access to your computer, as well as helping to prevent viruses from spreading to your computer, or other computers.

How to make glass letters in Photoshop, nice glass effect

A Logo Tutorial With Photoshop

Do you want to learn how to make something like the image below in Adobe Photoshop? You can spice up any project or presentation with text like this and it could make your overall presentation better.

Step 1.

First off, you have to create a new document. Go to File>New… and create a new one. Once you get to the screen below, type in a name for you document and your width and height (in pixels). It doesn’t really matter what you choose but you might want something pretty large to work with.

Be sure to change background contents to transparent.

Step 2.

Select two colors for you gradient, showed by the red arrow, and then click the gradient tool showed by the green arrow. You can apply the gradient by dragging the tool across your screen, and in this case I started on the bottom and dragged it to the top for this effect.

Step 3.

Next, click on the text tool showed by the red arrow and click anywhere in your box, then type whatever you want to make glassy. In this case I chose the word “Glass” and used 200pt font “cooper std”.

Step 4.

For this step, double click the text layer on the bottom right hand of your screen (it has a capital “T”) and a window like this should pop up. Check Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Inner Glow, and Bevel and Emboss sections of the box. Then, change all the settings for each individual effect (blending options:custom, drop shadow, inner shadow, inner glow, and bevel and emboss) to the settings showed below.

Congratulations! Your done! Press OK on the box to confirm the settings, and see as your text looks as if it is glass! No matter where you move the text, it will always show the color of whatever the background is.

How To Make A Nice Logo In Photoshop

Have you ever been wondering how to make a nice picture of a logo or to just make cool letters on Adobe Photoshop? If you have, you’ve found the right place. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use the tools in Photoshop to create a nice logo.

Step 1.

First of all, you’ll have to start off by making a new document.

Choose a name, the amount of pixels, and be sure to make the backround contents Transparent. After that we can move on to the next step.

Step 2.

Once you have your document open, you can choose a backround color. For this project, I chose to have  a gradient backround. You choose the gradient tool showed by the red arrow. If the paint bucket is in that place, hold the paint bucket button then select gradient tool.

After that, go down to the two colors showed by the green arrow, and click on them. You can then change to the colors you want, and in this case I just chose white and teal. To use the gradient tool, you drag the line across your screen and it will create a gradient based on where you drag it. You can experiment with it if you want.

Step 3.

For Step 3, we are going to insert text. Select the text tool on the left tool bar, and then click the screen and type your text in. You can mess with the font and size in the text toolbar at the top of the screen. I used the font Franklyn Gothic Heavy.

Step 4.

Step 4 is where it starts to get complicated. You have to double click the text layer showed by the green arrow, and it will come up with the screen showed below.

You should click on the drop shadown, inner glow, gradient overlay, and stroke boxes.

Step 5.

Next you have to apply the gradient overlay. Select the two colors you want to use, and in this case i chose black and teal. Click on the gradient drop down menu, where there is the black and teal color in the picture below, and choose the first option. You should then get a gradient of the colors you chose. You can then use the circular angle wheel to change the direction of the gradient.

Step 6.

Next, go to the stroke option and change the color in the color box to what ever you want the outline to be of. In this case, I chose white. You can then alter how big the outline is on the size bar at the top of the options, and you can fit it to your liking.

Step 7.

Good Job! The project is finished. Press ok on the box and you can see the text, and below is my finished project.

Have fun using Photoshop!