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The Effect On A Blogger By Taking A Vacation

Occasionally those rare times in our life come up where we become extremely busy and we’re not able to carry out our duties. Additionally, sometimes people feel like they just need a break from all the busy things in their life and they want to get away from it for a little bit. For people with an offline job, doing so might not be quite a huge deal. However, if you’re a blogger or webmaster, that’s a completely different story. Due to real life issues, I have had to stop blogging for nearly two weeks, and here’s the effects it had on my website.

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Wearable Computers: Call Of The Future


We often require computers, be it office or home, for number of reasons. Hence you will find people often are surrounded by stuffs like Laptops, Smartphone’s, Palmtops and other type of wireless devices. However, the users want more flexibility; therefore the concept of wearable computers came into picture. This has led the designers and researchers to embark with number of opportunities to think of having wearable computers of wide range. These are the smaller devices which can be easily worn over the human body for a wide range of professionals as per their needs and requirements. Every profession has its own specialized device which will help the respective professional in aiding and augmenting his daily life at work. Few of the players were able to come up with devices under the category of wearable computers. Let’s discuss them one by one:

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Kindle Fire Vs. iPad 2

It is believed by many people that the Kindle Fire has been a real competitor for Apple’s iPad since its release. In fact, although the iPad has had more sales for the first three quarters of 2011, Amazon’s newest Kindle has sold more in the final quarter of the year then the iPad has. The Kindle Fire sold many, many copies during the holidays this year, but should people have saved their money and instead bought an iPad? We here at TechPopper have had the opportunity to use both devices for a fair amount of time, and will be comparing based on three categories – hardware, software, and price.

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The Differences Between Online And Offline Business

Even though it is online, making a website is still a business. You still need to think like a business person, and having basic business knowledge helps. However, you don’t need to have taken any classes on business in order to be successful online. With that being said, it’s important to know the differences between online and offline business. Here are some key differences.

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Some Great iPhone apps

This article is a guest post by Sarah Hoekstra.

The iPhone is one of the best devices available in the market today. With the release of iPhone 4S, sales have considerably increased as more and more people are purchasing this revolutionary smart phone. Featuring state of the art technology with a dual core A5 Processor, the iPhone 4S provides cutting edge speeds and a beautiful 3.5 inches Retina Display. The camera has also been increased to 8MP, providing a sharper image and a greater picture resolution. Image quality has also been considerably increased. However, the reason why the iPhone is so popular is because of the gazillions of apps that are made for it. The App Store is the largest online application store, and it is fitting to say the least, as the iPhone is the world’s largest selling phone. Here are some of the best iPhone apps that you can download for yourself:

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New Guest Blogger

One of my friends, Troy Gessner has offered to start writing for That means more articles for you to read. You can identify which posts he has written because it will say “posted by TroyGessner”. So far he has written an article about a windows phone versus an iPhone and a post about the dementia effect. This news does not mean I will write any less. It simply means there will be an extra writer cranking out articles for you guys.

Interested in becoming a writer? Click here.

– James

Is Google Trying To Take Over The World?

Google. The most popular website out according to Alexa, which is not a surprise. Most people use Google’s search engine on a regular basis, you may have even found this website by Google. But Google is becoming much more then just a search engine like it was in it’s early stages. The company has branched out to many different technologies that we use in our everyday life, and many like myself believe that Google is gaining to much power.

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Website News

A lot of changes to have taken place the last month. Here’s a list of fixes and updates that have happened.


Fixed and moved three images that were not rendering correctly in the bottom righthand corner

Added a “Future Technology” and “Other” category.

Fixed linking with the “Security” category, now correctly says security in links instead of viruses.

Moved the blog from to

Setup 301 redirects from old posts to the new blog.

Set up a “Write For Us” page, if you want to write an article to appear on our blog.

Further anti-spam improvements.

Made articles easier to share via social media.

Changed iOS Devices category to include other mobile devices

Changed Programs category to programs and programming.




On top of this, if there is some important news I feel people need to know about it, I will post it. However, that won’t affect other articles I had planned for writing that day.  Thanks everyone!