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The Pros And Cons Of Water Cooling A PC

water cooling
A desktop with a water cooling system installed.

If you’re building a PC or you plan on overclocking your current system, you may be wondering which way to go: air cooling, or the more expensive, water cooling. There are benefits of water cooling over air cooling, but there are also some drawbacks. But do the pros outweigh the cons? Read on, and decide for yourself.

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How To Meet New People And Make Friends On Twitter

twitlogoHumans are social beings, and that’s why we have social networking sites. Social networking websites aren’t just made to connect with the friends and family you actually know in real life, they are made for meeting real people too. With people being able to connect to the internet from all over the world, a lot of people go to sites such as Twitter to make new friends from other countries or areas of the world. Sometimes finding new people and making friends online is hard, but if you do the following, you’re sure to have an easier time.

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How To Set Up Your Room For Video Gaming


When I got my first game console, I was five years old. I played on my bed and a tiny 20 inch television. Now that I’m older, I’ve invested much more money into one of my favorite past times, video gaming. These small things I’ve done made the experience of playing video games much more enjoyable, and doing the following will make your experience more enjoyable too.

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What Do People Look For In Social Networking Sites?

social network sites


Let’s be honest here, if you use the internet on a regular basis, chances are you have visited or at least heard of a social networking site such as Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter. Chances are, many of the people you know regularly use these types of websites to keep in contact with each other. In fact, Facebook alone has over 1 billion users. But what makes these types of websites so popular? Why do people prefer one social networking website over another? Here’s why.  Continue reading What Do People Look For In Social Networking Sites?

How To Purchase A Domain Name


Have you ever wanted to start your own website? There are several steps you must first take to begin creating your website and sharing your ideas with the world, and one of the vital steps is purchasing a domain name. A domain name is the name of a website that you type in the address bar to access it. For example, the domain name of this website is Buying a domain name is an easy process, once you know how to do it. Some people can even turn it into a business by buying and selling domain names. Here is how you would go about buying a domain name.

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Apple Announcement: What To Expect From The iPhone 5

At the time of writing, the Apple store is down again, which today, likely only means one thing. Apple are preparing to publish their new sales page for the products they are going to be announcing today. Meanwhile, rumors are floating all over the internet speculating as to what new features this new iPhone could possibly have. Here is what we think the new iPhone will have.

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Six Ways To Stay Safe And Keep Out Of Trouble On Social Network Sites

As social media becomes more and more involved with our every day lives, criminals and other people with bad intent are coming up with more creative ways to cause harm on social networking sites. With even a small bit of information you may accidentally share, one is able to find out a lot more. By following these steps, you can keep yourself much safer online while also keeping out of trouble.

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How To Download Videos From YouTube

Have you ever wondered how to download YouTube videos? If you watch a lot of videos on YouTube, you may have some videos you’d love to put on your mobile device, or on a USB disk drive or CD to share with friends and family. Although YouTube does have a download button for a limited amount of videos, it’s not available officially for all of them. Luckily, a computer programmer has designed a program for downloading most YouTube videos onto your computer or mobile device for offline viewing.

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Steam Summer Sale 2012 – What We Know So Far

It has been officially announced on the Steam forums that Valve be having it’s seemingly annual summer sale for the third time running. Valve’s summer sale hosts a major discount to many, many games available on the Steam network, some going beyond a 75% discount.


Although we don’t yet have a confirmed date for the summer sale, all speculation to date has been suggesting July 12th. Developers that release their games for the Steam client supposedly know the date to the summer sale, and the above picture shows a developer leaking the release date, which at this point in time, seems accurate. There have been 11 indie bundles added to the Steam registry, one for each day. Additionally, all previous summer sales have started on Thursdays, and July 12th, 2012, is indeed a Thursday, which would follow the pattern.

Although it hasn’t been a lot, the small conformation from Valve telling us there will be a summer sale is enough to satisfy almost everyone for a while…

A Timeline Of Nintendo Game Consoles

Nintendo has had a huge influence on video games today, and a huge influence on how video games have been developed throughout history. Transforming from a small playing card company, Nintendo is now one of the biggest video game competitors on the modern market. In this article we will walk through Nintendo’s history, from Nintendo’s Colour TV Game  to their soon-to-be-released Wii U.

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